• Infinite Possibilities:
    Expand into a Future Reaching For You!
    Shala Center, Thursday, June 29, 2017 6-8PM
    $40 per person. Limited to 15 participants

This is a group journey offered with my colleague and fellow hypnotherapist Valerie Sargent. You can expect to enter into a safe and sacred space while being invited into your deepest potential by two experienced practitioners. You'll have space to relax into the core sense of vitality and feeling of "home" inside of yourself, discover the innate potential in what fascinates or disturbs you and communicate with your personal guides. Then we'll step into the infinite possibilities of the future and bring this vibration back as inspiration for the present moment. You'll be joined by like-minded people, each on a journey of self discovery.

Reiki Classes from Level 1 to Mastery

Reiki is a Japanese system of healing through transference of Universal life force energy – or Qi – through the intention of the practitioner to the recipient. This enables the recipient to connect deeply with the innate wisdom of their body-mind. Reiki has been used successfully as an adjunctive modality supporting mainstream Western medical and psychological paradigms. Please see the links at the bottom of the page to learn more.

Private Classes
Private classes for a minimum of 2 students can be tailored to individual schedules, goals and level of practice. Each class follows the traditional framework of Usui Reiki practice for levels 1-3 and includes time to develop your intuitive abilities, explore more deeply by asking questions, experiential exercises and hands-on practice. Please be in touch for further information so we can design a class that will meet your needs.

Group Classes
I’ll be teaching several class levels during the year based on student interest. Because I like to offer as much individual attention and hands-on practice as possible, class enrollment is limited to 6 students. Please feel free to call me at 971.203.2150 to talk further about Reiki in general, ask any questions you might have or discuss options if you have taken Reiki with another teacher or some time ago and wish to continue. All classes will be held at my offices in Shala at 800 East Jefferson Street in downtown Charlottesville.

I also mentor Reiki practitioners who wish to deepen and refine their practice on a one to one basis.

Here’s a general idea of what is covered in each class level and the fee for the class. If you would like to join any of these classes, please be in touch with me.

Reiki Level 1

$175 per person

This class is for all who are curious about the Usui Reiki system of natural healing and wish to work on themselves or others on the level of the physical body. No prior experience is necessary.

  • learn the basics of how the human energy system works
  • become familiar with the unique ways that you perceive energy
  • learn chakra balancing, grounding and containment skills
  • practice “bio-sen” hand scanning to sense energy flow and blockages
  • hands-on practice of basic hand positions for self treatment and for working with others
  • receive the attunements which shift your energy system and prepare you to work with increasing ease and power

Reiki Level 2

$250 per person

In the second level class you will learn how to increase the effectiveness and precision of your treatments. Your prerequisite is having taken the level 1 class and practiced consistently for 2-3 months.

  • incorporate the power symbol to increase and focus the flow of energy through your hands
  • learn the symbol which activates healing at the mental-emotional level
  • practice using the symbol which allows you to connect and heal at a distance through the quantum field

You will also receive an additional attunement to facilitate flow of the Reiki energy, gain additional experience with bio-sen hand scanning, and refine your hands-on practice.

Reiki level 3 - Reiki master

$375 per person

This class will open you to the 3rd level of Reiki practice where work with past lives, soul retrieval and re-incorporation at the mystic and karmic levels begins. You will learn how to increase the effectiveness and precision of your treatments.

  • incorporate the 4th symbol to facilitate connection to the karmic level of the client’s energy field
  • work with “lost parts” to bring them home, reincorporate and balance them into your own energy field and into those of your clients
  • identify and extract unbalanced elements in the energy field
  • receive an additional attunement to facilitate the flow of the Reiki energy
  • gain experience with setting up Reiki grids as energy portals for long-term work

reiki Mentoring & Consultation

Perhaps you’re already certified in all levels of Reiki but want to deepen your skills. Or maybe it’s been some time since your last class, you’re considering reconnecting with energy work and want someone to advise you. Even seasoned practitioners can run into perplexing situations and would benefit from a consultation with another professional.

There might be ways that my experience could be helpful to you – in either the short- or long-term – through a consultation or mentoring relationship. Please feel free to get in touch with me.

More Workshops

As spring begins, I’m still putting finishing touches on the workshops that I’ll be offering this year and early next. Here’s what has taken form so far…details like dates, location and more on content to come soon! Check back, stay tuned or be in touch by email or phone for more information.

  • The Alchemy of Manifesting Your Life
    Shala Center, Saturday, July 22, 10AM-6PM
    $200 per person. L
    imited to 6 explorers

    This workshop will focus not only the how but more importantly on the what is most vitalizing for you to bring into your life in the moment. And, it may not be what you expect!
    We'll dive deeply into your mythic template, consult your night-time dreams and learn from your waking synchronicities. They will help magnetize your journey and provide the keys to guide you to what is just over the edge of your known identity into your future self.
  • Stress Relief Strategies – A Resourceful Journey to Your Deep Inner Mind
  • Awakening the Inner Magician – tools for diving deep into your inner Landscape
  • Energy of Your Archetype and the Design of Your Personal Life Myth
  • Relationship Dojo – partners, friends, and family – as an Expression of Your Life’s Path
  • You and the World – Shining a Light on Your Most Challenging Relationship
  • Cosmic Connections – Finding the Universe Within Yourself

Quantum Field Meditations
Shala Center, 800 East High Street, Charlottesville, VA, 3rd Floor

3rd Saturday of each month, 4-5PM

Beginning on Saturday, May 27 I'll be guiding a free monthly meditation designed to create, amplify and nourish the quantum field that connects us as humans with all beings, energies and emanations in the cosmos. This is a form of subtle activism that I have been exploring and finding both deeply satisfying and profoundly transformative.

Let There Be Light - my perception of the quantum field

Let There Be Light - my perception of the quantum field

Both participants in person and at a distance are invited to join in creating the group field. Once our collective resonance has been established, we'll amplify this subtle field, invite in the co-creative energies of all Nature's seen and unseen aspects then share the restorative "energy bath" we've created with the entire planet.

If you would like to join in the Charlottesville quantum meditation, please get in touch with me. There will be an opportunity to participate in person, on line or in the privacy of your inner "imaginarium."