who i work with and what i do

To paraphrase Process Work's founder Arnold Mindell, there are so many paradigms and varied approaches to exploring change because everyone needs something different - sometimes even a different approach depending on the day and circumstances! As a Process Work practitioner, regardless of the specific tools we might use, I'm committed to following your unique and deep dreaming process, guiding you to become aware of what is developing just over the horizon of how you identify yourself in the moment.  

Who I Work With

I help guide individuals, couples and groups to a deeper sense of fulfillment and presence. In addition, I offer workshops, subtle activism focused meditations, and earth-based geomantic exploration. I also enjoy working together to craft rituals that will honor important life transitions for you or for family members. 

For Individuals:

  • Spiritual emergence and intuitive development
  • Kundalini awakening
  • Guiding and grounding individuals with heightened sensitivity
  • Trauma, abuse and grief work
  • Somatization of psychological processes: exploring persistent, unresolved physical symptoms
  • Help with defining life goals and renewing your sense of purpose
  • Exploring your life myth
  • Dream incubation and unfolding
  • Exploring and expanding your creativity
  • Energy clearing and balancing
  • Medical Support Matrix
  • Self-care and energetic renewal for healers and helpers
  • Ritual design for life transitions
  • Mentoring Programs

For Couples:

  • Exploring your relationship dream and myth
  • Facilitating conflict, learning to stop to listen to each other and find new ways of relating

For Groups & Organizations:

  • Team Building
  • Executive Team Development
  • Conflict Facilitation
  • Reformulating and reconnecting to group and corporate mission, purpose & goals

Special Offerings:

  • Subtle Activism Meditations: powerful group work offered monthly free of charge to interact with and support the quantum field
  • Geomantic Exploration: identifying, connecting and working with the planet's subtle energy system & structures
  • Usui Reiki Training, Level 1 to Master-Teacher
  • Reiki Mentorship for experienced practitioners seeking to deepen and expand their practice

What I Do

  • Processwork - a multi-layered, awareness-based psychological paradigm that invites you to explore what is disturbing, intriguing and increasingly vital in your life as revealed through body symptoms, nighttime dreams, synchronicities, relationship difficulties, non-ordinary states of consciousness and inquiring into the energy of your mythic identity. Curiosity, non judgement and beginners mind are key! I have been a Processwork practitioner for over 6 years and hold a Master's Degree in Process Oriented Psychology and am a Processwork Diplomate. This far-reaching paradigm frames my attitude and approach to all my work. 
  • Hypnotherapy - access your deeper mind through this natural state of focused attention. Once in trance we can explore and repair the roots of fears and phobias, encounter parts of your inner mind that are trying to get your attention, even improve your performance and enhance your strengths.
    In the more spiritual aspects of hypnosis, I work with past life regression, life between lives journeys and future progression as frameworks that enable you to go deeper into the unknown origins of present moment difficulties and unlock your potential for growth and change. I've practiced as a certified hypnotherapist for over 11 years.
  • Medical Support Hypnosis - in this specialized area - and only with the agreement of your medical practitioner - I look forward to collaborating with you to: learn how to use pain management protocols - for both acute and chronic issues, help you prepare for and recover more quickly and effectively following surgery, assist you in learning to use your mind and inner creative resources to productively manage newly diagnosed health challenges and mentor you in the use of guided imagery to manage and reduce stress. Since this is an independent part of my practice, I invite you to visit my dedicated site at MedicalSupportHypnosis.com for all the details.
  • Energy work - often as a way to integrate more psychological processes or provide additional support for your physical state, I'll suggest incorporating energy work. In this way I interact directly with the human energy field/matrix that supports you on the mind-body-spirit spectrum. My intuitively-informed practice is based in my Reiki Mastership, years of Shamanic practice and experience as well as a deep and continuing partnership with Nature and the quantum field. I've been an energy work practitioner for over 20 years and have been teaching Reiki for 10 years.
  • MARI Mandala -Mandalas are circular drawings that, when intuitively created by you, reveal your relationship to yourself and to the world. They can be used to discern where you are in your growth process. As a certified MARI practitioner, in initial sessions I often work through the MARI Mandala Assessment – an elegantly simple tool. From 39 symbol cards, you choose six that are instinctively desirable, and one that is not. Then you select what you feel is the appropriate color for each symbol from a broad spectrum.

    The conversation begins as I set your seven cards in their proper place on the “Great Round”, a 13-segment diagram representing stages in the human life. When completed, we have a Mandala representing your inner knowledge – literally a snapshot of your psyche. Often simply seeing your current state of mind in symbolic terms is a catalyst for change, an empowering ritual symbol for healing. This process is strengthened by our dialogue, which clarifies issues and sets the direction of future exploration. For in-depth information, please visit the official MARI site .

  • Reiki classes & mentorship - I teach Usui Reiki from level 1 through Master-Teacher level. Please see the workshop page for a full description and prices.