The process of becoming more present in your life is an inherently creative act. Capturing the stages of your journey through art or photography, poetry or prose, movement or song will help you move through the process with more depth and richness. 

You might be interested in reading some of the articles I’ve written for publication. In addition to being informative, they will give you an idea of how I approach things and how we might work together. Just click on the links below. I've included some of my artwork too!


Published ARTICLES

Reiki: The Value of a Classic Healing System                                                Animal Symbols in Everyday Life

MARI Mandala: Speaking in Symbols                                                             Gifts From the Sentient Realm

Hypnosis for a Smooth Ride Out of Body (OBE) Intensive at the Monroe Institute


Yeah, research is cool. I've recently become reacquainted with my inner scientist. Though she long ago let her dream of becoming an astronaut fade away, science and frontier research in the subtle realms continued to fascinate her. Recently, she got her chance to shine with a research study she helped design for my Master's thesis. This mixed method qualitative/quantitative pilot study investigated the effect of Processwork group facilitation methods on quantum field coherence. It's a pretty good read and you can access it here.

The research will continue in April 2017 in Porto Heli, Greece at World Work 2017 where 300-400 Processworkers from around the globe will gather to work on work issues of inclusion and exclusion, marginalization and privilege in social, political and economic spheres.

On May 27, I will begin to offer monthly subtle activism meditations. Participants both in person and at a distance will come together to build a group field, deepen it by inviting in energies from around the earth as well as the subtle realms of Nature and history in order to expand and develop the global quantum field. These meditations are free and quantum coherence measurements will be taken at each one and analyzed as part of a separate study. If you are interested in attending, please be in touch with me.