I am pleased to offer you a free initial phone consultation, which lasts 20 minutes. During this time we can discuss the changes you are facing, how best to address them, and if we are a good match for working together. 
To schedule your free consultation, you can contact me at 971.203.2150 or at helene@heleneramos.com.

Session fees

Sessions will last from one to two hours - sometimes more -  depending on the nature of our work together.
MARI Mandala Session (an initial 2 hour session to map your journey): $175.00
1.5 hour appointment: (for our initial session or combination Processwork/energy session): $185
1 hour appointment (for energy, Processwork or follow-up hypnosis sessions): $125
2 hour appointment: (for all hypnotic regression work): $250
Past Life Regression Package: Commit to this combination of 3 sessions to really dive deeply into your regression journey. The initial 1.5 hour session allows you to experience trance, learn self hypnosis and set the stage for your journey. In the 2nd 2-hour appointment you will experience a past life and in the 3rd 1.5 hour session I will help you integrate these experiences into your individual path: $550 payable in full at the first appointment.

Payment Options

Payment for individual sessions is made when we meet either by cash or check. For a small service fee, I do accept payment by credit card, PayPal and Square Cash. Payment for phone or on-line sessions is required in advance.


In preparation for your appointment, please download the forms on this page, fill them out and bring them with you to your first appointment or scan and e-mail them to me. You can even take a photo of the completed forms and send via e-mail
Doing this in advance, will give us more time to talk and begin our work rather than having you spend time filling out forms. It will also help you clarify your intention and goals for yourself. Adobe Acrobat is required.

Client Intake Form and Agreement

Pre Session Self-Evaulation Form

If you have been referred to me by another healing arts professional for consultion and wish me to share impressions of our work together with them, please download and sign the following form and bring it to your first session.
Consent for Release of Information

sessions by phone, skype or zoom

If you live outside the Charlottesville area, but still want a trusted guide to travel with you through your journey, we can, in most cases, achieve the same results by phone or on Skype so you can:

  • Come to understand of your life’s process more deeply by working with body symptoms, dreams and relationship disturbances

  • Reap the benefits of hypnotherapy

  • Experience the benefits of intuitive energy work at a time and place that is most convenient for you

  • Expand your understanding and gain a sense of context for any unusual or unexplained psychic or spiritual encounters you may have had

  • Gain a greater sense of your continued threads of connection to family members, friends or pets who have passed over into spirit.

Here's how it works

Call or send me an e-mail to schedule an appointment. During that time, we will discuss your specific challenge/issue, talk about how we might work together, and then if you wish, you can schedule your phone/video session. Payment for the session can be made by check, or credit card, PayPal or SquareCash for a small service fee. Please be sure that I receive your payment at least 48 hours prior to our appointment.

I will connect you at the appointed time at the number you provide to me. All you need for the phone session is a cordless phone with a speaker or headset, and a comfortable place to relax where you won’t be disturbed. Or, if you prefer, we can schedule our session on Skype with options for audio and video connections

What to expect at your session

My 3rd floor office is a relaxing, welcoming and bright space. Breathe a sigh of relief when you arrive as we begin to focus on you.

We'll talk a bit about what you've been noticing in your life - dreams, relationship tangles, body symptoms, where you are in the flow and where you are not - while I take notes. I'll ask questions and may suggest some surprising and perhaps different ways of thinking about and experiencing what you notice. Since your comfort and engagement are paramount, feel free to ask me questions too!

It's also helpful to bring a sense of curiosity and "beginner's mind" with you. I might, for instance, invite you to get up and move, work with puppets, create an impromptu fairy tale, make a sketch of the feeling you are experiencing or we might simply sit quietly and focus within.

If we are doing energy work, you will have the opportunity to relax fully-clothed on a comfortable table while I scan and rebalance your luminous energy field. I may include stones and minerals, animal helper energies, retrieval of lost parts, or sound made with instruments and through voice toning in my session with you. Often during this time, I will obtain information intuitively from your guides and mine. I will share this and other impressions from the work with you so that you can contemplate and incorporate the information before our next meeting.

For hypnotherapy sessions, we'll move to an adjoining room where there is a super comfortable adjustable chair. You'll be able to let go and be cozy in this contained space while I guide you into connection with your deeper mind. While everyone's experience of this resourceful state is different, you will be able to communicate fully with me, remember everything you wish to and remain fully engaged on a deep level with the experience the entire time.