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Audio downloads

Customized recordings help my clients reach their goals more quickly because the imagery and suggestions are created just for them and speak directly to their deeper mind.

I’ve gotten such good feedback on my scripts that I thought I would write and record guided journeys that can benefit anyone. Some will sync up with the seasons or help you connect with the body’s subtle energy centers - the Chakras. Others will be designed for stress reduction because, well, couldn’t we all use a little bit of that in our daily lives?

My offerings below are gifts to you to celebrate the call to explore your interior world and delve into many dimensions of experience. Have fun listening! You can download the files to enjoy on your audio device or stream them directly from this site.

I encourage you to listen responsibly in a place where you can relax in a hospitable environment, not while you are busy in the outer world driving or otherwise occupied. As always you as the listener are responsible for your experience while listening to these recordings and for all shifts in awareness that may occur as a result.

We each have a unique gift for the world and singular powers with which to achieve it. Dive into this experience below.