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Are you are at a turning point in your life - a sense that there is "something more" just over the edge of your awareness?
Read on to see if I might be the right person to help guide you in discovering it.

Turning points can be universal like the passages from child to elder, or the search for balance in the continuously shifting landscape of relationships. Some are personal like the desire to shed an unwanted habit, change careers or your responses to world events. And some can be mysterious like unexplained anxiety, tangled dreams or stubborn disturbances to your creativity.

By bringing greater attention to these turning points or “unfolding” them, you will understand more about your relationship with the Tao – the stream of life.

And while this stream is always present, your connection to it changes. Sometimes it’s a great mystery that captures your imagination, awe and creativity.

But just as often, it can feel interwoven with sleepless nights, chronic body symptoms and confusion. Both aspects are natural but integrating them can be challenging.

As an experienced guide with a lifetime of personal experience and professional training, I can help you clarify and sustain your process of understanding the elements of your life that are essential to its meaning and fulfillment but seem just over the edge of how you usually think about yourself.

Together, we can find and strengthen your evolving center – your sense of home – so that every turning point becomes a star, and your life a wheeling celestial dance.

That was quite a session we shared yesterday. I truly am so grateful for all the tools in your toolbox and all of your training, experience and the guidance you receive in the moment. I am like a whole different person today. I slept well and ate a wonderful dinner last night and a yummy breakfast this morning – all stomach issues totally gone by the time I got home. The magnitude of the complexity of what manifests physically in the body is beyond fascinating.
— R. Broadbent, Charlottesville, VA

Next Steps

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Explore this site for more information about the various ways I can help with your unfolding, read about my background and professional training, research interests and creative projects that inform my work.

Or, if you are ready to begin, please be in touch with me for a free 20 minute phone consultation.

Working on World Problems 

There is a lot going on in our world and it easy to get overwhelmed with the immensity and depth of it. From social and economic injustice to problems of hierarchy and fear, marginalization and belonging, we as individuals may struggle with how we can make a difference. There are of course many ways to do this. Click below to see one opportunity to become involved.