I love synchronicities when they happen. It's one way I know that I'm walking on the path that's "right" for me either regarding a particular project or just in general. A lovely occurrence happened just now. 

One of my local grocery stores is having a sale on Greek yogurt. I don't usually eat yogurt but the display appealed to me so I stopped. A friendly voice said: "I hope I'm not in your way" as I reached to pick up some containers. "Of course not" I said and then took a moment to really see who had spoken. It was my friend "K" who I hadn't seen in a while. As we were catching up she reached in to her purse and gave me a donation for my Greek research trip which is coming up in three weeks. "I was meaning to support your GoFundMe campaign but I haven't had a chance with all the stuff I have going on, so here is something to help you out."

We talked a bit more and some other synchronicities showed up around the raincoat I was wearing and her sister coming to town in April. It was great. A gentle message from the flow of life - the Tao - that I'm on the path I'm meant to be on. Ahhhh! And this after a difficult day with research yesterday and now, a random donation right in front of the Greek yogurt display.

I'm leaving for World Work 2017 the big conference in Greece in about three weeks. It's going to be amazing! Over 500 people, Processworkers from all around the world, getting together to explore global problems of inclusion, marginalization, and issues of national identify and economic inequality. I'll be continuing my quantum field research there and am excited to see what happens! 

Please check back regularly for updates!