As part of my last training residency with my Processwork cohort on the Oregon coast, the instructors scheduled a mini 1 hour vision quest for the final day. Having done "real" vision quests in the past, this sounded pretty lame to me. I know, I know, pretty arrogant too but honestly in the moment I was done with being a student and thought this was pretty silly.

Ha! Nature, as usual, had other plans.

Walking out of the training space and onto the road, a grouping of trees seemingly pointing upwards caught my eye. An inner voice whispered "keep looking up as you walk." OK, when trees speak to me, I listen! For the rest of the walk, seemingly with each step that I took, visions beckoned on the rooftops. 

The rooflines and chimneys seemed to transport me around the globe to the Mediterranean. I had the distinct impression that traveling was in my future.

The following week I presented the results of my research paper outlining the effects of group Processwork methods on the quantum field. It was very well received. As a result I was unexpectedly invited to join the research staff for the upcoming World Work conference in Porto Heli, Greece to continue my research with a much larger group.

So I've learned another lesson in humility and listening. When there is something that Nature, the Tao, the flow of life, or whatever name you choose to give it, has something to say, the magic can unfold as easily and powerfully in 30 minutes as it can over a week or more. 

Keep looking and listening!