Rainbows are as rare as they are powerful. Enchanted symbols that can take our breath away. On occasion I've been known to stop my car and just stare and sigh when I see one. Recently on an extended stay on the beautiful and wild Oregon coast, I found a place where rainbows are born.

On an unassuming spit of land near Cape Perpetua there is a place where the powerful ocean and the rough shore rocks meet. As the waves pound into the land, the spray often erupts through a small opening in the rock rising forcefully into the air and birthing a rainbow. As it hangs there glittering in the light, I'm reminded of the magic of the natural world and our own mystical natures as everyday beings.

There is a part of us that is as fluid as the sea and an aspect of ourselves as wild and strong as the lava rocks of the Oregon coast. These facets of how we know ourselves coexist and clash, ebb and flow, usually below the level of our awareness often causing imbalance and problems. Lately, this often happens outside of ourselves in the world when we find certain groups of people, ideas and beliefs don't fit with our own. Clashes are a natural part of life but they also hold power and wonder.

But when brought into the light of conscious awareness through inner work, outer dialogue and really listening to the "other" side, many times understanding begins to take root. And rainbows are born. 

Try it. Today do some inner or outer listening to the "other" and see what happens.