They're here!!!!

Of all the harbingers of Spring - robins, daffodils, clearing rains washing into crystal skies - my personal favorite is the blossom of the Dogwood tree. And lucky, lucky me, I've got two beautiful trees - one pink and one white - in my front yard.

Ahhh, and this morning after a drenching rain followed by the emergence of the sun, the buds burst into blooms!!!

I have no real idea why this particular form of Nature's beauty touches me so and it probably doesn't really matter. I could spin a story, look up the mystic correspondences, energies and properties that the Dogwood embodies but I'm not gonna do it! Instead, I'm just going to love 'em and revel in the simple pleasure and wild and dangerous beauty that Nature weaves in every moment. Knowing that my nature is part of this tapestry too.